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Class Association Information
Officers & Directors Contact Information of Officers and Directors
Committee Assignments Committee Assignments Members
Newsletters President's Newsletters
Reunions Reunion Committee of the Board
Registration & Updates New Member registration & current Member information updates
By-Laws - (.pdf file) By-Laws of the 38th Officer Candidate Course / Basic Class 3-66
Certificate of Change - (.pdf file) Certificate of Change of Principal Office
Bereavement Policy - (.pdf file) Bereavement Policy about the death of a classmate
Charitable Gift Policy - (.pdf file) Guide our Alumni Association in meeting its Charitable purpose
Charitable Gift Beneficiaries - (.pdf file) Class donations
Articles of Organization
and Annual Reports
Articles of Organization - General Laws, Chapter 180 & Annual reports to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Member Profile Comprehensive member profiles.
Member Profile
- (.doc file)
Have you ever wondered what happened to your Marine classmates that you went through Quantico with? Please fill out the form and share your story.
Contributions Annual Voluntary Member Contributions
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