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Fagersten, Gerald C. "Jerry"

Deceased: Died April 19, 2012 of cancer related to Agent Orange exposure.
OCS: B-1
TBS: D-2
  • Wife: Luki
  • Address: 5125 Whitman Way, #106, Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • Phone: (Home): 760-929-9875, (Work): -, (Cell): -
  • e-Mail: -

Franklin, Jr., Charles J.

Deceased: Died August 2, 1988
OCS: B-4
TBS: D-2
  • Wife: -
  • Address: 90 Northfield Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052
  • Phone: (Home): 973-731-6610, (Work): - , (Cell): -
  • e-Mail: -

Freeman, Richard H.

Deceased: Dick died on August 31,2014 in Babylon Village, Long Island, NY. Dick was in D-3 at OCS and E-2 at TBS. He served initially as a platoon commander with Charlie Company 1/3 in Vietnam and later as a recon platoon commander attached to 1/3. After the Corps, he studied law and became a partner with Cullen and Dykman in their Long Island office. He also served terms as the President of the Brooklyn Benevolent Society and the Babylon Board of Education.
OCS: D-3
TBS: E-2
  • Wife: -
  • Address: -
  • Phone: (Home): -, (Work): -, (Cell): -
  • e-Mail: -
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