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Liszewski, Leonard L.

Deceased: Len died on June 11, 2013 of cancer in the hospital in Fort Myers, FL. Len was in A-4 at OCS and D-3 at TBS. He practiced law in Ft. Myers. He was very involved in St. Cecilia Catholic Church and was a triathlete.
OCS: A-4
TBS: D-3
  • Wife: -
  • Address: -
  • Phone: (Home): -, (Work): -, (Cell): -
  • e-Mail: -

Lord, Charles V. "Chick"

Deceased: July 27, Died July 27, 2000. Chick served with 3/4 in Vietnam as a platoon commander and adjutant. He was the recipient of a Purple Heart. He got an MBA at Columbia University and had a 30 year career as an investment banker in Baltimore, MD. Chick was active in providing educational opportunities for the disadvantaged children of Baltimore. He was also active in building the Vietnam War Memorial in Baltimore. He suffered from chronic depression and PTSD and tragically took his own life. On April 19, 2010, Chick was inducted into the "In Memory" Honor Roll at the Wall. The "In Memory" Program honors those who died as a result of he Vietnam War, but whose deaths do not fit the parameters for inclusion on the Wall.
OCS: C-2
TBS: E-3
TBS Standing: 264
  • Wife: Lindy
  • Address: 5903 Wilmary Lane, Baltimore, MD 21210
  • Phone: (Home): 410-236-3154, (Work): -, (Cell): -
  • e-Mail:

Luchsinger, William M.

Deceased: November 19, 2013. Luchsinger was struck by a station wagon and killed while he and his fiance were walking her dog at about 6 PM. There were no sidewalks on the street and the dog bolted as the vehicle approached. Luchsinger and the dog died at the scene.
TBS: E-3
  • Wife: Judy
  • Address: 2446 Covington Avenue, Spring Hill, FL 34608
  • Phone: (Home): 813-884-8763, (Work): -, (Cell): 813-842-5195
  • e-Mail:
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