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Alonzo, Jose

Bergman, Carl

Blakely, Jud

Blenkle, Andy

Brock, John

Carlsson, Carl

Chamberlin, Doug

Clay, Pete

Cleland, Rick

Couch, Kelly

Cox, Chapman

Cox, Terry

Dale, Lewis

Day, Rob

Edwards, Larry

Flynn, Walt

Freeman, Richard

Frey, Fred

Gariboldi, Phil

Gibbons, Geno

Howe, Dave

Jacobus, Nelson

Johnson, Dave

Lefavor, Marshall

Lillie, Jay

Lisante, Joe

Malby, Larry

McCarey, Mike

McClinchie, Sam

McWilliams, Jim

Mellon, Dave

Morrison, John

Myers, Lonnie

Newman, Jim

O'Dell, Diggel

O'Kelley Jr., Jim

Pierson, Mike

Ray, Jim

Reed, Henry

Richardson, Robert E. "Bob"

Rix Jr., Bob

Rogers, Dave

Rosser, Dick

Rundall, Alan

Rusthoven, Rusty

Schroeder, Chuck

Sheehan, Jack

Shisler, Mike

Sim, Craig

Snead, Tom

Snear, Clay

Snyder, Steve

Sooter, Chuck

St.Clair, Mike

Stefl, Al

Stichter II, Bob

Stockstill, Greg

Sutton, Ron

Thornton, Jim

Traynor Jr., Andy

Uecker, Jim

Wall, Dave

Wellman, Tom

Wells, Darrell

Wentworth, Earl

Wilson, Jeffery

Wyly, Donald "Allen"

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