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President's Newsletter
May 2017

Memorial Day Greetings from President Andy Blenkle

Marines of the 38th OCC and Basic Class 3-66

Marines and Friends,

Well, we're four and half months away from our reunion in San Antonio.

Registration is progressing nicely. If you haven't made your hotel reservations for the reunion yet, don't wait too long. We have a finite number of rooms blocked at the special rate of $115 plus tax/night. Once the blocked rooms are sold out, we are at the mercy of the hotel and the special pricing may not be available. Also, the cut off date for hotel reservations is September 11. You should have received a call or an email by now from one of our phone captains regarding our reunion. If you haven't and wish to find out more about our reunion and receive a registration form contact Terry Cox ( tcox95@cox.net ).

Here are the names of 37 classmates who have already booked their reservations at the El Tropicano Hotel and sent in their Class registration forms:

  • John Admire
  • Larry Aker
  • Rick Anderson
  • Andy Blenkle
  • Pete Clay
  • Dick Costello
  • Kelly Couch
  • Terry Cox
  • Gary Cummins
  • Walt Flynn
  • Gene Gibbons
  • Ralph Golden
  • Jay Lillie
  • Dwayne Littlejohn
  • Sam McClinchie
  • Steve McComb
  • Joe McDavid
  • Dave Mellon
  • Ron Mikat
  • Mike Miller
  • Phil Perzan
  • Jim Ray
  • Bob Richardson
  • Bob Rix
  • Dave Rogers
  • Paul Ross
  • Bob Roughgarden
  • Jack Sheehan
  • Clay Sneer
  • Charles Sooter
  • Mike St. Clair
  • Al Stefl
  • Skip Storey
  • Ron Sutton
  • Jim Thornton
  • Jim Uecker
  • Dave Wall

Terry Cox and I will be making a final recon trip to San Antonio the 26th through the 29th of June.

We will touch base with our points of contact and tie up any loose ends.

General Mike Hagee, 33d Commandant, has been invited to be our Guest of Honor and speaker. The General was the last Commandant to have served in Vietnam.

Sometime in July his office will inform us whether he is indeed able to attend.

If the General is unable to join us, our Classmate John Admire, who retired with two stars, has agreed to be our speaker.

John has written an excellent book about Vietnam called "Darker than Dark". The focus of the story is on a Marine fire Team - yes, four Marines and their exploits. The book is a great read. It made me proud of the caliber of young Marines we served with in Vietnam.

Three of our classmates have made return trips to Vietnam and written a commentaries on their visit. The articles can be found by clicking here.

Darell Wells contacted his Basic School Platoon Commander (D5), Lt. Col. Dennis Gallagher, USMC (Retired). Dennis and his wife, Maureen (Mo), will be coming. Turns out Dennis and his family were my neighbors in Montclair, Virginia. He lived two houses up from me and our kids played together.

Four members of our Board of Directors will have their terms expire in 2017. So, anyone interested in serving the Class, as a director, please drop me a reply and let me know.

At our Saturday evening banquet, we ask that you wear a jacket and tie. We also suggest that, if you have them, you wear miniature medals on your jacket.

A Lt. Col. Clyde Johnston, USMC (Retired) emailed me. He was the Officer Selection Officer in Des Moines, IA back in 1965 and knows that he put some candidates into the 38th OCC. Does his name sound familiar? Unfortunately, he said he doesn't recollect any names. He was rather busy in those days.

This Memorial Day let us all remember our 33 classmates who gave all in Vietnam and those who have gone on to their heavenly reward in subsequent years.

Have an enjoyable and safe summer and make your reservations to join your Classmates at our October 11-15 Reunion in San Antonio, TX.

Semper Fidelis.

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